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asked to leave the area, there's now an faa flight restriction over there plant, up to about 3,000 feet. when we are able to get you more pictures, we will do that. this is what it looks like about now. i huang the to bring back the ceo of hillcrest hospital. we talk every ten minutes, the situation, every time it changes dramatically. how many people have now come in to the hospital. >> we now have a total of 66 patients that we have officially registered or seen. and many of those patients, 38 of those we would list as seriously injured. we're being told by the triage station that is et is up by our rac at the field, we are continuing to treat minor injuries there, they're being transported to our facility as well. and so at this hour, we were hopefully -- will not see many more serious injuries coming. because of the devastation i'm being told that exists there on the viscreen, it's hard to say what we can see for sure. >> glenn, are you aware at this point of any fatalities, you talk about some of these people being seriously injured, can you tell me a little bit more? >> yes. of co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1